Margarita Mixology 101: How To Perfect A Tequila Cocktail


GN5C1728-XLAside from a genuine love of really good tacos, one of the main foundations of Don Tito’s concept comes from a passion for tequila and therefore, tequila cocktails. Without question, guests at our Arlington restaurant and bar ask for margaritas most frequently, as crafting the perfect concoction is truly an artform; one that we like to think we’ve mastered!

For those looking to craft their own margaritas at home, here is some advice from the pro bartenders at Don Tito that you will want to keep in mind:

  • Correct ingredient portions is key. | This is where most people typically go wrong; either people go half and half or put way too much lime juice in. Maintaining the right balance between all of the ingredients is key to perfecting this tequila cocktail.
  • Salt is cool and all, but shake it up every now and then. | Most automatically opt for margaritas rimmed in salt, and we understand why — it’s a delicious option. But since life is too short to drink basic cocktails, we say live dangerously. (Think sugar or peppercorn)
  • Don’t skimp on tequila or limes. | Not all tequilas are created equal and it becomes especially obvious when making a margarita. If you expect to actually enjoy what you’re mixing, definitely don’t cheap out with bottom-level liquor and limes.
  • Creativity is encouraged. | Margaritas (despite being easy to mess up) are typically one of the simpler cocktails to craft, making it easy (and delicious) to get creative! Try experimenting with different types of fruits and spices to put your own spin on the drink. You never know what you’ll come up with!