Brooks Laich & Julianne Hough Dine At Don Tito in Arlington

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Julianne Hough, Brooks LaichWe love all of our guests that drink and dine with us at our Arlington VA restaurant and bar, but there is no denying it is always extra special to have a surprise guest (or two) come in. Despite being famous faces to everyone else, (former) Washington Capitals player Brooks Laich and his fiancee Julianne Hough are more than guests at Don Tito — they’re friends.

Having these two come in for tacos and beers is awesome anytime, but on their most recent visit became newsworthy. That evening, Rian Hopcroft happened to be behind the bar and tended to Laich and Hough while they sampled tacos and drinks. When they left for the evening, Hopcroft saw a very pleasant surprise waiting for her along with their signed check. (Click here to find out what!)

According to the Washington Post, Laich added his name to a U.S. flag hanging at Don Tito (which has been signed by a few of his teammates as well) as Hough graciously posed for photos with fans. “They seemed very attached and happy, they walked out together with his arm around her shoulders, and it was very sweet to see,” Hopcroft told the Washington Post.

We’re especially disappointed to hear about Laich being traded to the Toronto Maple Leafs, but hope that he and Julianne will still manage to stop by Don Tito and see us from time to time!