Arlington’s ‘Most Interesting Man’ Crowned at Don Tito


Most Interesting Man Don TitoBelieve it or not, our Clarendon, VA restaurant and bar recently discovered the most interesting man… well, in Arlington anyways.

With a help from DC 107.3 and their morning talkshow host, Melanie Glazener, Don Tito hosted a party with one mission in mind: to find out who had the chops to be NOVA’s most interesting man. Contestants competed by answering a series of questions, with their answers ultimately judged by guests who determined their fate with “thumbs up” and “thumbs down” signs. The quiz wasn’t particularly difficult, but pleasing the crowd with a solid answer was definitely more of a challenge.

“The first question—Why are you at Don Tito’s today?—didn’t differentiate the contestants much. Answers ranged from “to drink whiskey” to “to do shots and take names” and “to watch football and drink ‘til I can’t feel feelings,” reported (via).

Only taking 20 minutes to complete, winner Josh Morgan took the crown (literally) thanks to his witty answers much to the delight of the crowd. “I came out tonight and I didn’t even think I’d compete, but now I’m the most interesting man in Arlington,” Morgan explained. In addition to all the notoriety that comes with being Arlington’s “most interesting man,” he also went home with a mini-fridge filled with Dos Equis.

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